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      A MODEL OF 


      Comfortable keystrokes and smart touchpads create a simple and comfortable control experience for every touch

      BOARDER ,

      Support wide viewing angles up to 178 degrees,Enjoy the visual feast of immersion

      The full name of siyuxing electronics is shenzhen siyuxing electronics co., LTD. Our company is a professional manufacturer of consumer electronic products such as tablet computer, sports DV and intelligent equipment, and provides customized services for customers. With advanced technology and perfect quality, our company is in a leading position in the industry.

      Our company gathers a large number of outstanding people from all walks of life in the digital electronics industry with the idea of common development, Shared success, value orientation and "morality" as the priority. The company has established an innovative, efficient and united team which has been engaged in the digital electronics industry for more than ten years. Based on the core values of respect, collaboration, innovation and gratitude, the company aspires to provide consumers with safe products and services. While providing employees with development and enrichment, it strives to create maximum value for customers, shareholders and partners.


      Core concept: improve value by quality and keep promise

      (character + product, do it by heart; Continuously improve the selling points and features of products and the service level to customers)


      Product Proposal

      Research and implementation

      Sample Confirmed